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#1 2020-05-27 18:35:48

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jitendra kumar, scammer,

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liar and shit working! a écrit :
I am Ms. Liang Tina,female and the Audit Manager Asia
Foreign Contractor’s Settlement Centre China Branch. My office monitors
and controls all foreign contract settlement here in Hubei Province of China.
I am the final signatory to every payment files for the remittance of sums moving
within both on the local and international levels in line with foreign claim settlement.
I wish to place your name as the beneficiary of here in my office.

Jaanr gmail,,  MUHAMMAD RIZWAN is a spammer who don't want to stop his shitpost!

I assure you that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you
from any breach of the law both in your country and here in China once the sum is moved to your bank account.
I therefore seek your cooperation to be in collaboration with me to
have this done, I will need you to give me the following information immediately to enable me start the processing of the all the relevant legal papers for the remittance such as YOUR Name,Address and Telephone 

it is la pause: beunaise!

Once successful you will receive forty percent for your assistance
while I retain sixty percent

Please answer me only on this my direct email address:

Waiting for your reply soon.

Yours Faithfully,
Ms. Liang Tina.


His lies: My name is jitendra kumar, and I am a Professional Website & Redesign developer based on India with 6+ years of experience.

Website designs // Graphic designs  // Website development // Mobile apps.).

Please let me know if you are interested?

Please share your Skype ID or any contact details to get more details about our services.

PS: - If you are interested in our portfolio, proposal & client references. Please back to reply

Business Development Consultant.
Thanks & Regards,


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Rung emailer cleaning

Greeting of the day!
We are digital marketing company serving customer worldwide. We also provide email list and mobile list (Database) worldwide.

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USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Gulf, GCC etc...
For more information go to Google and type "Tejarat Marketing"

Aarti Kumari (Marketing Specialist)
Whatsapp- +917217732782 & +919650663652
Skype- aarti.tejarat  & hussain_2511

Gaddy Mua

Welcome to MoneyGram Send Money Worldwide

we have deposited the funds as we agreed with MoneyGram, Now all
you have to do is to contact them via
e-mail:( they will give you
direction on how you will be receiving the funds daily. My agreement
with them is $7,000USD daily until the total of$2.3USD is transferred

Furthermore you are expected to reconfirm them your full receiving
information as they demanded.

So contact MoneyGram Office with your address.Contact
is Mr.Johnson with all your information';; once again ,Thank you.
Regards I.M.F

Mr Gaddy Mua

Peter Joe the dirty son of bitch from Togo, the ugly scammer

From the contents of the your mail, it is obvious that you did not receive my mail. Like I said in my first mail; I am Peter Joe Banker from Togo in West Africa. I have a Business proposal of US$7.5 Million for you. The fund belongs to our deceased customer who died with his next of kin leaving nobody for the claim. I want to present you as his next of kin to my bank so that the fund will be transferred to your bank account. Your share will be 50% while 50% will be for me. No risk involved in this transaction. If you are interested, Contact me for full detail/procedure.

Mr. Peter Joe l'escroc menteur dit etre:



FAX : 078 -24 1661"

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am very happy to receive your message,  thanks for your reply it is my pleasure having you as my friend. My full name is Mrs. Zeinab Suma Jammeh, the wife of the former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh and a citizen of the Gambia in West Africa, presently on exile in Senegal with my two beautiful kids, as a result of escape due to the crisis which took place recently in the Gambia dated 19th January 2017. While my husband President Yahya Jammeh is also on exile at another country personally known by me for security reasons. Right now, I am been housed and cared for by the Attorney General of Senegal and please this is very confidential, course nobody knows my where about currently and this is for my safety and that of my dear kids because the new president vowed to execute us as he took over the office of the presidency of Gambia on the same 19th January 2017.

Pierrick the loser

It is my pleasure to meet you; I would like to know you more deeply, are you married or single? Sorry if I ask too much Question just want to know you better and  I will tell you more about myself too and the core purpose of our meeting when I get your reply and please do tell me more about your country.
Besides, you can contact me on;+221-785-900-749.
I want to say that my heart is full of joy and happiness for knowing you and I like us to keep this closeness and hope this will bring us to a better future as I wish.
Take good care and have a lovely day.

mercredi 27 mai 2020, george howard a écrit :
Hello. Dear,

How are you and your entire family today?

Hope everybody are in good shape?

Well, I am introducing myself to you as Barrister. George Howard a
solicitor at law and the senior advocate of
(Howard/Chambers)Address:No.125 Avenue 13 Janvier Lome-Togo,West
Africa. My direct phone number is +22891632805 Fax: 00228-222-22-25.

I was born 16th September 1964,married to a lovely wife and blessed
with two children, a boy and a girl:boy is Amos(Jr) is 21 while my
daughter Juliet is 19yrs old. We live at No. 48 yo-yo road here in the
city of Togo. My wife, Elaine Howard, is a midwife and works with the
university teaching hospital here. I plan to give a better life to my
family and secure a future for my kids.

My Dear, This is my second time writing you ,without your response ,
though i am happy to hear from you this moment.

Thank you immensely for your prompt response to my message this time
because i wrote last time without reply. In fact, I must let you know
that your choice is intentional and not a mistake. You might not in
any way be related to the deceased client, I contacted you because you
have the same last name with my late client , That was the very first
point that got me attracted to you. It is a 100% positive result on
inheritance claims here in my country TOGO, The funds was deposited in
his signatory account with AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT  TOGO BANK LOME.

This procedure is simple and straight forward. I was his family lawyer
before his death, my late client being a very secretive person he did
not introduce any next of kin or family to me. I have been bitter with
his death and few months ago, the bank sent a sealed notice to me for
an introduction of his next of kin. I searched all through his file
and couldn't see any. I have tried to make contacts but it proves
abortive so I started searching for his lineage and roots with the
same last name.

That's how I found you. I will explained the source of these funds to
you as it is genuine and legitimate earning from his business deals
home and abroad this is the circumstances why I have to involve you.
If it is left unclaimed, it will be repossessed by Government treasury
based on foreign nationality intestacy succession.

Just a tip-: Inheritance issues in Lome Togo are dealt with by the
Probate Registry, which is a division of the High Court. Its
jurisdiction extends to all property of the deceased situated in Lome
Togo as at the date of his/her death. In a case of death by intestacy
as ours is, the court will require his lawyer or a qualified
practitioner in the relevant jurisdiction to introduce his supposed
next of kin who will be approved normally by affidavits of fact issued
by the Inland Revenue Commissioner to inherit the funds. This is where
I will come in.

I  have made all arrangements to enable us receive these funds within
two weeks. It’s easy considering the fact that it’s the same name. I
will send a draft letter that you will send to the bank and wish we
agree together in partnership as follows;

1. Total amount involved is $17.000,000.00 ,The bank paid my client
$8,500.000.00 upfront and it remains to pay the balance $8,500.000.00
before the untimely death of my late client,Together with the entire
family in auto crash.
2. 40% will go to you as gratification for your participation.
3. 10% will be used to acquire and build an orphanage in memory of the deceased.
4.  5% will be for reimbursement of any form of expenses that was
incurred during the process.
5. 45% will be for me.

For more information regarding this mutual profit transaction, kindly
get back to me urgently with your information`s below so that i will
register your name and information`s in the bank (AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT
BANK) foreign remittance department where the release and transfer of
this funds will take place to your account.

1. Your Full Name .
2. Telephone/ Mobile/Fax Numbers.
3. Profession.
4. Date and Place of birth.
5. Identity Copy.

Attachment are my passport first page and profession certificate
because as soon as this DEAL is done, i will immediately retire my
service as a lawyer and start coming to your country with my entire
family for stay,sharing and investing of my own portion of this money

I hope you will help me invest wisely because i don,t know anything
about investment, though if possible ; i will like us to go into
partnership in your country since you knew the best businesses that is
movable we can invest on !

Be rest assured that all processes will be executed under the ambit of
laws of both countries.

Yours Sincerely,

Barrister George Howard, Esq.

Direct Line +22891632805

shitpost of skimmers: As a popular game on earth - Nier: Automata, it is very popular by everybody having its excellent gambling experience and great character settings.

Démentir: Automata is a good action role-playing game in which participants take the part of combat androids from the YoRHa units across an available world environment. Inside addition to regular navigation

on feet, using a special product allows the gamer in order to summon a crazy animal to trip, and in several scenarios pilot a new flying mech to fight enemies. Much like the previous online game, during navigation

inside some environments, the particular camera shifts through its standard third-person perspective to a great overhead or side-scrolling view. Some places include platforming elements, requiring the

gamer to navigate by jumping between systems or higher obstacles. The player can full side quests with regard to non-playable characters identified throughout the planet. Shops available in hub

locations permit the player to get items, including consumables which recover well being.
Combat is action-based, with the player fighting enemies within real-time in the variety of in-game ui environments. During battle, the gamer can use light attacks—which are fast but weak—and

heavy attacks—slow and more powerful. The ball player can evade foe attacks and, together with successfully timed switch presses, can gain temporary invulnerability in addition to launch a counterattack that

deals heavy damage. The gamer is also assisted simply by a Pod, a flying robot associate that can release customizable ranged episodes varying from easy gunfire to heavy-hitting hammer

attacks. Pods can also shield the ball player from harm in a variety of ways. Typically the player can deliver two melee weaponry in combat. While attacking, the gamer could alternate between both

weapons and assaults to create blend attacks. There are four different classes of weapons available: short swords, lengthy swords, bracers, and spears. Attacks together with different weapon

types can even be charged plus launched for increased damage. Weapon Reports, a recurring factor in both Démentir and the Drakengard series, where weapons discovered all over the world have

unique stories attached in order to them, may also be presented.

She is a new YoRHa android created to battle the device lifeforms which have invaded our planet on account of the surviving humans. She dished up during the 14th Machine War.

2B is definitely an all-purpose fight android, deployed since a member of the automated YoRHa infantry. She is equipped with a multitude of weapons for close quarters combat and may assault from range

applying the Pod help system. Her your-eyes obscured beneath her standard-issue military visor, which she seldom removes.

At the same time, due to the cool physical appearance and cosplay halloween costume, it has come to be the darling associated with many cosplayers.

YoRHa No. 2 Sort B's short white hair has a cold, neat experience, with black eye masks and swords behind her, since if the whole outfit is telling other people not to end up being close. Her blouse is black,

with an ancient European court style, the neckline is lace design and style, has a deluxe and noble feeling. The skirt will be long and the particular middle of typically the thigh, revealing slim and slender hip and legs. The

pair associated with lace high-waisted stockings with a set of black boots appears very sexy.

Should you be satisfied with YoRHa Number 2 Type B cosplay halloween costume, you can check out our own Nier: Automata Cosplay Costume Shop
Rolex has a lot of exciting themes and collaborations when it comes to their timepieces. Some collections have been greatly received than others - the Oyster Submariner is one of Rolex's most successful collections to date. This timepiece is specially designed and produced for divers; this timepiece actually celebrates Rolex's great passion for the aquatic world.

The Rolex Submariner features a 40mm case, which makes it perfect for both small and big wrists. This timepiece is finished with a flawless stainless steel and is available in different dial colors. This watch is considered as the world's best diver watch because it of its great technical features and durability - it is more than just a beautiful timepiece. This watch is spotted on people who have never even dived in their whole life.

This timepiece has been around for more than 60 years, it first appeared in the early 50's. The Submariner is the very first water resistant watch that can withstand diving depths of 100 meters!  Since the 1950's, Rolex has improved the materials and technology behind the production of this watch, the watches are more durable and can reach diving depths of more than 300 meters.

Such a great looking watch with a rich history definitely comes with a heavy price tag, which makes it next to impossible for many people to buy this watch.  A Swiss Rolex replica watch is the best option for the timepiece enthusiast who has been charmed by the look, history, functionality and sheer beauty of the Rolex Submariner Date watch.  These watch enthusiasts will be glad to know that the details on the replica watch are so precise that it is almost impossible to clearly differentiate it from the genuine watch other than the greatly reduced price tag.

When purchasing a replica Submariner Date Rolex watch, ensure that the bezel, crown and case are as identical as the real make. A good quality replica Rolex will look and feel like the authentic watch.  The dial will look exactly like the authentic Submariner, so would everything from the numbering on the timepiece to the beautiful and chic Rolex logo, to the seconds, minute and hour hands.

It is important that you purchase Swiss replica watches from a reputable online store. This way, you are sure of purchasing a watch that would invite admiring glances in your direction and not disgusted who-are-you-trying-to-fool looks.   Scam:

jitendra kumar,

Yes, my number is whatsapp  +91 8174830968
Thanks & Regards

Sumit Kanaujia
(Partner & Director)

Systoo Technologies
HQ.:70/104 A, Mathuri Mohal, Ghantaghar, Kanpur(India)-208001
Contact No.: +91-8174830968
E-mail: jitendrakumar00496@

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